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Company Profile

VOBORNÍK·NIGRINI·KIPIEL law firm is a developing law firm amalgamating the experience of both partners from major international and Czech law firms in Prague, as well as their experience from prominent banking houses where they used to practise as lawyers for a long time, with excellent knowledge of the Czech legal system and commercial standards.

VOBORNÍK·NIGRINI·KIPIEL law firm provides or secures legal services in many branches of law, for both foreign and Czech clients with commercial activities in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide or secure legal services in the field of commercial law, focusing particularly on corporate law, contract habits, IT, business activities insurance, development projects and their financing, bankruptcy and draft law, as well as on civil law with a special focus on real estates; also on civil litigation and claims in court, administrative, insolvency or arbitration procedures.

As much as we are capable of providing services in the above areas, the VOBORNÍK·NIGRINI·KIPIEL law firm focuses primarily on the complete legal services in the area of contractual relationships, legal representation in civil litigation, administrative and arbitration procedures, insolvency procedures, legal relationships in the area of information technology, intellectual property law, draft law, community law, and European law. These are the priorities of our law firm.

Lawyers of VOBORNÍK·NIGRINI·KIPIEL law firm in the Czech Republic have the honour of representing both important foreign companies with respect to their activities in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as local clients. What we consider to be the most important reference, however, is the increasing demand for the services of our firm, based upon the concrete experience of our clients, whose recommendation is a result of our firm’s interest in establishing a high quality, long-term and mutually beneficial professional cooperation.

The VOBORNÍK·NIGRINI·KIPIEL law firm currently employs an adequate number of lawyers and back office professionals. We offer services of an experienced team consisting primarily of Czech lawyers. In individual cases we naturally cooperate with external experts, where non-legal expertise seems to be is necessary.

In case of need our law firm also provides its clients with legal services and representation abroad through its partner law firms, and that especially in Great Britain, USA, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, the Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania.